Alienware X51 R1 upgrade (Nvidia gtx 1050 Ti)


New Member
Nov 6, 2016
Hello everyone, I'm currently planning on upgrading my X51 R1. Specs:

Intel i7 2nd gen
Nvidia gtx 555
330W psu

So I wanted to ask whether I need to change the motherboard (buy the R2 or R3 motherboard) and processor if I installed the 1050 Ti, or will it work just fine without changing anything?

P.S. I tried using the 1060 but the pc crashes while running games and it can't play them at ultra/high. It's probably the cpu/motherboard can't handle the gpu?

Your help is appreciated.


Nov 2, 2016
the 1050 ti be better suited than 1060 as lower watts usage , i be doing mine soon upgrading from gtx 645 to 1050 ti and not changing the m-board or cpu as i5 is plenty and i got 330 watt power supply and new 16 gb ram and with the 1050 ti only using 75 watts its about same watts as my current gpu