Alienware x51 r3 - PNY GTX 1070 - Will it fit?


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Jun 28, 2016
Hi Everyone,

Thought I would share my project, which is a work in progress. I am trying to fix a PNY GTX 1070 into my x51 R3. I have swapped out my front case fan with a slimmer frozencpu fan to make more room for the video card. You can see more details on on my set up on this shared evernote:

Feel free to ask questions or provide comments on here in the forum. Any information or insight on how to get a 10.5" card to fit into my x51 R3 would be greatly appreciated.

I will update the post once I receive my card which is estimated to be on 7/6/16.


Sep 29, 2015
yes they said it can fit, but your going have to remove the front fan, trim alittle off doorclip, and move HDD above dvdslot, to give gpu better airflow also make sure u got current version bios ,
im not sure it can work with x51 R3 with liquidcooler cpu since that uses more watt then normal cpu fan. video on how 2do it
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Jun 5, 2016
1070 fe works with 6700k watercooled r3

It is a tight fit though and you must remove front fan + some clips as in the youtube clip. Btw i doubt any fan will fit in front of the card unless it is just a few mm. Also 3,5" hdd will have to be moved or replaced by a ssd (i have an ssd below the card). A 3"5 will fit but they get warm and it will block the airflow to the cards fan.

Ran tests with max cpu load and max gpu load at the same time (heaven bench + prime 95 torture). No issues with power (as expected really since a 970 worked before). Gets a bit warm (75-80c) during absolute max on cpu+ gpu. Not too bad though imo since it is 25c in the room i am testing in and max cpu+gpu rarely happens in an actual game
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