Alienware x51 Vent mod, gtx 760, ssd, Cooler master Gemin II cpu cooler and noctua

Hi did a few modification's to my Alienware x51 R2 I was having really high Idle and load temps so I decided to install a new cpu cooler but notice that air flow was a issue and decided to dremal out a vent =) also installed a ssd on top of the Dvd tray area and got rid of the hdd since it seems like the hdd was disrupting the Video cards air flow. I lost about 16c on Idle and about 30c on load it was a very big improvement and made me wonder why dell didn't do this stock?


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Also would like to add that I replaced the front fan with a noctua 60mm fan due to loud noises, now the system and whisper quiet. The Gtx 760 is running wonderfully but I am considering using a circular saw drill bit and adding a 80mm fan =) to increase air flow
Thanks for the compliment yeah I wanted something that didn't take away the purpose of a small pc and still provide the cooling I wanted, I still need to resin the trimming and repaint the grill might also add a grill on the other side so that the video card as more air it can pull in =)
Yeah totally it was just an Idea that worked out well, I posted it up here just in case anyone was having issues with heat. My system was running fine but I didn't like the high temps I was getting Idle and under load. Now my system is sitting pretty nice my cooling is as good as my friends who have high airflow mid tower cases =) I thought about water cooling but there was no where inside to mount the radiator and I didn't want to mount it outside the case and make the system bigger defeating the purpose I got the system in the first place =P

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Temps under gaming =)
Hey it was something I had laying around its just a fan cover and i cut it to match up with the hole =)

Love the cooling mod and really like that grill material! Is that something you can purchase or did you salvage it from another machine? My 760 is on it's way and I'm preparing in case I do need to add in some extra cooling.

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No its the Cooler master Gemin II cpu cooler
Wow, I really like that custom side panel mod. Looks professional and clean! Great cutting work. You must own a Dremel;)
Also, great addition with the 760. I was thinking of buying this case(broken or empty) and modding the crap out of it. Once I'm done with my current build, which you should check out by the way, leave some feedback.


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Sep 1, 2014
Hi im new on this forum do you think it is possible to add a fan to this mod? or simply add a vent by removing the optical drive and use that area? i have an i7 R1 X51 with a gtx 670 and it gets really hot i want to improve temps im really tempted to do this mod and add a fan i just haven't decided yet were to do it like yours in the cpu area or at the dvd/blu ray are i don't even use it so i might just take it off


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Nov 30, 2014
Recently I bought a new X51, and I have the Cooler Master GeminII M4 CPU Cooler from my old you think that is possible instead of cuting the case cover, install 2 or 3 mini Fans? on the back of the mini tower?
this way I avoid to cut the case and loose the warranty of Dell.
Something like this:??

but using better quality fan such us Fractal Silent Series R2 40mm
three or four of these would be a great option for air movement.
what do you think?
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Oct 12, 2014
Alienware x51 Vent mod, gtx 760, ssd, Cooler master Gemin II cpu cooler and n...

If you had noticed from the original cooling system, the cpu fan sucks air through the fins of the heat sink and blows out through the back. Conventional cooling blows air over the heat sink and circulates within the case. If you use conventional cooling, you may end up with more heat within the tiny space. Well, I may be wrong but this is how I would imagine.
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