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Oct 14, 2012
I am planning on buying a Alienware X51 with the 700 hundred dollar version and I have a few questions regarding it.

1st Im planning on playing Firefall, Mechwarrior Online, and Guild Wars 2 but im worried that it might not play properly so im wondering if anyone played any of those games with the desktop version that im going to buy and what fps and graphical settings the X51 can comfortably work with.

2nd I have been hearing some issues about the desktop like not being able to turn off, the disk drive ejects and items being missing and im afraid that it might happen to me when I order the desktop. I want to know if that if this happens theres some way of fixing it without extra charge?

3rd Does a keyboard and mouse come with it by default or do you have to pay for it too?

4th Would 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 555 be better than 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640? I want to know which of those 2 are better thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to read through my not-so well written sentences.
Sorry if I did something wrong this is my first time posting on a forum:p
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Jul 13, 2012
Hey, welcome to the forum :)

I bought my son the X51 a couple of months ago, no problems so far. It did come with an alienware keyboard & mouse included in the price.

I can't comment on the games you mentioned, as he doesn't play those particular ones, however he does play a lot of games, some are pretty graphic intensive & the rig copes well with it. Hopefully someone else can give u more info on the fps etc.

The system will come with a warranty anyway, so you won't have to pay for any hardware problems within this, also you can extend it, although its very pricy to do so.

Hope some of that helps.... :)