Alpha vs X51 R2 Base


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Nov 4, 2014
As the title says, how do the 2 stack up? The specs are pretty much the same, favoring the x51 just a little.

Base Alpha
i3 - 4gb - GTX 860m

Base X51 r2
i3 - 6gb - GTX 745

I know that the GPU in the alpha is laptop grade, but its also much newer. The GTX 745 is often criticized by X51 owners as a garbage GPU, yet on paper its a little faster.

What are your guys thoughts?
I had the same debate as you. Between getting one or the other. I went with X51 R2. In X51 R2, I can replace everything in it including the GPU. You cannot do that in the Alpha. I am planning on putting the GTX 980 it soon. This will run for awhile once I do that. I am currently running a three monitor set-up with the X51 r2 also which I couldn't do that with the Alpha. The Alpha will only have a few more years with the 860m it is already getting outdated. It will start to struggle to keep up with games in a few years. Also the processors are stronger in the the X51 than Alpha. You will get more years out of the X51 than Alpha. It easy to upgrade plenty of youtube help! Good luck. I do plan to get the second generation Alpha. Hopefully they will have the graphics card amplifer port to hook-up to the Alpha 2.