Alternatives to the AC Adapter

Hey guys,

I love to travel with my R3 but I have a bit of an issue with the stock AC Adapter that comes along with it.

Its not giving me any problems, but I spool/unspool the cables around the adapter frequently and my cable experience is telling me that the adapter cable will falter given time. Its not very well designed for the fact that the cable doesn't have a "L" shaped design to cater to frequent use.

Well, that plus the adapter is HEAVY. I'd hope to have something lighter with hopefully better cable design for my globe-trotting. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Feb 2, 2012
Which version adapter do you have? They have a slimmer one that is all smooth now.

I have 3 power adapters so I don't have to keep lugging it around. One stays at work, one next to the sofa in the man cave, one hooked to my docking station on my desk, and I actually have a 4th that I am not using right now. :)