ALX Compatability Question/s

Hi guys

I own an Aurora ALX that uses the X58 chipset and an i7-920, one thing I love about this case (despite the awful support from DELL) is the alien FX and active venting etc...

My question is, if the latest R4 ALX's are using socket 2011 SandyBridge and still have functional venting and alien FX etc, If I were to purchase the latest socket motherboard from Alienware and replaced mine with it, would it still function correctly with my daughter board and not upset the active venting and lighting? Or would I have to purchase the latest daughter board too? (if one exists that is or is there only one to rule them all, per-se)

Secondly, If I were to build an Area 51 ALX from scratch, could I use the latest aurora R4 ALX 2011 motherboard in that and expect the lighting and venting to work there too?

As you might of imagined, I really want to stay with alienware I just dont want to be locked in and forced to keep buying a full new rig every other time a new chipset platform comes out... I want the freedom to upgrade without losing the really cool features of the case/s....

thanks a lot