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Another Alienware Raffle?


Feb 2, 2012
In 2012 we raffled off a brand new Alienware M14x laptop. I believe the winner purchased just one ticket. So they basically won it for $10!

Winner posting a pic when he received the prize

Who is up for another raffle?

We need:

  • Suggestions on which Alienware to raffle off?
  • Suggestions on what a raffle ticket should cost?
  • Suggestions on how many raffle tickets can one member purchase?

EX: If the Alienware items costs $1000, we would need to sell:

1000 tickets @ $1 each
500 tickets @ $2 each
250 tickets @ $4 each
100 tickets @ $10 each
(note: a few extra tickets will be sold to cover shipping costs)

Lets hear some feedback!