Another GPU question...


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Aug 6, 2014
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I have what I am assuming is an R1 x51 (purchased new in 2012) i7 3770(3.4ghz) 8gb and GTX 555 with the 330w power supply. I have two cards choices to potentially replace the 555 with...

PROBLEM: The used Radeon R9 270x (version with 2 fans LINK) I assumed the x51 could handle the power consumption, however I get no video at all while the card is docked, not bios splash screen or anything. If I un-seed the 270x I can boot to the onboard graphics just fine or replace the gtx555 and boot fine aswell. The card works fine in a spare computer though... (with 500w supply)

The store I purchased from agreed to let me swap it (for a sizable fee) for a brand new MSI ITX version of the 270x LINK--- I thought maybe since its small form factor it would be better suited but If I'll just encounter the same issue I'd rather just sell this one and cut my losses.

EDIT: I have tried removing the gtx555 drivers and installing the 270x drivers before installing and resetting cmos. If there is something I'm blatantly missing please feel free to point it out and laugh at me.

SORRY ahead of time I've been reading this forum for a few weeks and decided to sign up, I know these questions get asked alot but I didn't see a specific thread for that specific MSI ITX video card - appreciate any help
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