AntiVirus=MW3 Lagging? need advice plz


Mar 5, 2012
Hey there all..., i have an AW M14X, i7 2760, gt555m3gb, 8mem...
ive had this laptop since january, and it is a dream and i have no problems playing MW3 on 1600x900,2x AA,High Details topping at 60-80fps.
but after a few weeks or maybe a month, the performance drops dramatically to almost unplayable with the above mentioned settings...
i have AlienRespawned twice already and the performance would go back to extremely playable, Even with the factory nvidia driver..

im not sure but i think its because ive downloaded and installed Mcfee and AVG in between Respawns.
does anyone think its because of the Anti-Virus in the background or something else...?
one the first time up until respawn i have done countless install/uninstall of programs and it didnt seem to affect the gameplay even with fraps running it, even did some hd video editing of said fraps, constant deletion of huge vid files but to no effect to MW3. then i decided to "find" and install Mcfee, and thats where things became unbearable.

it even came to a point(before 2nd respawn) that even changing the resolution size would force the game to crash. and no matter how much i restart or let my laptop cool down, it will always crash, leaving me unable to change the video settings at all..

anyone have similiar experience?
or maybe some thoughts to this matter?