Any Alienware Vindicator 17" Owners?

Hey there,
Now you can clearly see I am new to the forum, but I mainly signed up to ask about one thing - Vindicator Backpack.

Recently I've been tirelessly calling DELL in US and here in South Korea, as I am a foreign student living in Korea it's quite strange to me how not all of the products are available here.

I wish to buy a Vindicator Backpack for my Asus (Yes, I know and I am deeply sorry :D) g74sx laptop, which sadly is not an "easily pack-able beast"... The thing is, here in Korea 18" backpack is not available and I cannot order it from the DELL shop either. I've called them, I even spoke Korean, I gave up on that :D.

Which brings me to the question, my laptop is 16.5" x 12.8" x 2.4" dimensions and the biggest backpack is would be 17" model which claims to fit up to 16.3" x 11.8" x 1.8" laptops.

If there are any Vindicator Backpack owners here, could you please tell me whether the backpack could fit my laptop or not?

Seriously, as a new person to the forum I appreciate your help.

Ochimo, thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. I checked the orion, but I would prefer vindicator over it, because it seems more friendly towards headsets. As I own siberia V2 from steelseries, it would be very nice to have a compartment for them (like in the vindicator).

The sad part is, I can't really seem to get any insight whether 17" vindicator could fit my laptop as there is a little bit of a stretch to it :/...

I did think about the orion, but they are not originally available in Korean market directly from DELL, therefore they are even a bit more pricey compared to the vindicator series.
Thanks for a nice word!

However, that little bump apparently isn't a big issue after all! The front part retains shape, so I applied a bit of pressure from the inside of the compartment on that bump and it's fading away bit by bit. Also not to mention I got this backpack 40$ cheaper than originally in Korea (140$ for 14 and 17"!). I gotta say I'm happy. My calculus book will stretch it a bit and my laptop should fit nicely :D.