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Mar 9, 2018
Hi everyone. I have the aurora r3 desktop with a busted power button .Talked to Dell out of stock. They told me the front i\o panel part # is 5W6MX. Does anyone know where i can get one.Is there another part that would fit like maybe the one off the aurora r4??. Is there some way to possibly bypass this board and maybe put in another power button?? Any help would be appreciated.


Jan 9, 2013

The R4 top I/O has x1 USB3.0 blue port which is obvious in most pics (the wiring end tends to look like a fat black cable), 5W6MX was found in this search, listed as an R4 part. If the R3s also have a USB3.0 then that's the right part#. Otherwise I might try one listed as an R1/R2 top as a cheaper gamble. I don't know which interchange, I assumed the R1-R3 I/Os were all about the same + R4 got USB3.0, I could be wrong. Best to get the original part >

Sometimes it's the 'plunger' mechanism that messes up so u might in fact need the plastic housing also, like these, in the event the bare metal I/O wasn't enough to fix it; busted power button could mean busted plunger:

R3 SrvcManual is here to remove / replace parts >
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