Any success with a GTX 1650 Super Video card fitment?


New Member
Sep 24, 2020
Hey all. Have a 7 year old Alienware X51 R2 with an I7. My GTX 760 died and I'm looking for a replacement card. I just tried the MSI XLR8 GTX 1650 Super with single fan. It will not fit do to the offset fan shroud. Fan shroud hits the side of the case. Card is 5" in height. Think I need 4.5" height or less.

Seems there are several standard 1650 cards that might work. But, the Super seems like the better bang for the buck. Anyone successfully install a 1650 Super single fan version? If so, please let me know which one. I want to keep my budget $150-$200 max for a card due to the age of the system. 1050ti doesn't seem like the best choice, even though they fit.