Anyone buy refurbished?

Hi all! I just bought an Aurora off the Dell refurb site. I think I got a good deal (i7-4930K, 16gig, GTX-580, Sound Blaster, 1TB HD for $1249). Should I be worried about it being a refurb? It comes with the same warranty as new plus I should be able to fix/diagnose most problems myself if needed. I bought it already so it's too late but I'm interested in any opinions or experiences...


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I've bought a few items off the Dell Outlet in Australia and they have been great. I did have a problem with my old ALX a week or so after I got it but they still gave me next day service and they sorted it out straight away.
I've had an ALX, X51, M18x and M14x from the outlet. All been great! I recently had an issue with my M18x and they still fixed it for free even though it was two months out of warranty. I was extremely lucky there!


May 4, 2012
My m17xr4 is a refurb. She has treated me well for about 260 days. But the motherboard failed a few weeks back, then the new motherboard was burned, then the new new motherboard has a dead soundcard and a some of the lights dont work.
My baby is at the depot now getting a good once over.

But overall I am happy with my refurb, looks just like all the brand new units I have gotten.


Jan 20, 2014
San Diego Ca.
I have bought over 20 units notebooks and desktops from the Dell Outlet. All except a couple were great and the ones I had a problem Dell repaired or replaced with new build, no problem. I will buy from there in a second when the price is right and yours was pretty darn good. Nice cpu..


Apr 16, 2014
Just received my refurb Aurora R4 last week and it is freaking awesome. The main reason for going this route and not building another desktop was due to my laptop I bought refurbished. Had a cooling issue with one of the video cards and dell had all new heatsinks and fans for the gpu's and cpu sent and replaced all. Also replaced the BR drive which would not eject disks. The tech they sent out was cool enough to let me put my own diamond thermal compound on all while it was apart. As long as you buy from a reputable dealer and get the one year in home warranty, it's a no loose situation and well worth the price... Congrats on the purchase and sure you will not be disappointed.