Anyone do any interesting fan mods ?


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Mar 23, 2012
BC, Canada
Hi all

Like many Alienware owners, I attached a120mm fan to the radiator in a push configuration to move hot inside air out through the radiator. For me, it lowered idle and low temps, but when I got into overclocking and drove the temps up (80C+)., it didnt really help all that much. The fan I used is max 2000rpm so I guess when the system fan is well above that, it can't really help that much.

I recently got creative, and installed an 80mm fan in the two empty CD bays in front. I just used a dremmel on the blanks, and an 80mm fan fit in there perfectly. You don't know its there, until you hit the Alienhead and the door drops down. Awesome.
I put it there in hopes of creating a straight 'tunnel' of air intake - this fan is lined up straight back to the radiator with nothing blocking it. I can look through the front fan and see the back fan.
Alas, burn tests showed it really didnt help lower CPU temps when they are up really high

Just the other weekend, I installed another 80mm fan just above the liquid cooling block - almost touching that extra 120mm back fan. I thought it might again bring more outside air directly in through the top louvres down to where that new 80mm front fan and the 120mm fan can wash it over the radiator.
Again, testing showed this really didnt do anything significant at high temps.

So in summary I added 3 fans to the case, but none of them have really helped too much when the CPU temps are really high from overclocking. I am thinking I need a higher speed 120mm fan at the back.

Oh, they are all Antec TriCool LED blue fans, so when coupled with a lot of blue in the AlienFX it looks pretty cool.