Area 51 7500 Rebuild - Lights anyone?

It finally went End of Life - 2007 system died. First Win 10 died after trying to do Anniversary Upgrade. And then I swapped out and tried Linux Mint 18, but that never would work properly and after fussing with it for 2 days I decided that something was fatally flakey.
I've had my Skylake ASUS Motherboard replacement sitting in a wishlist for over 6 months, so I ordered it.

But there are two downsides to the new upgrade:
(1) The lighting. I'll plug it in to a USB 2 header and even without any software, it sometimes lights up and runs, since the program is still sitting in the control board NVRam. But does anyone know of a retro fit that fits some modern LED RGB lighting into these old cases? Seems like it ought to be simple enough with all these new things coming out like BlinkSticks and things. Or maybe a totally dumb board replacement that would allow setting the lights we have to some fixed RGB values. Someone who could layout a board with the right ribbon connectors on it to make it go? I'm thinking of a dumb replacement for the ELC board.

Here's an idea I had a while ago for the passive board. But I couldn't figure out a way to layout the board for a few hundred $$.
Here's a follow up post where I consider a refinement on the solution:

(2) The USB 2 plugs in the front panel. What we need is a retro-fit that puts USB3 plugs in a board with cables so we can plug then into the headers in modern motherboards. Anybody have that going? I guess I'd fork over $100 or so to have that going.

Just checking on the state of the art out there on keeping these cases modern.

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System is running with new MB - ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger, 32GB, Samsung 840 500GB SSD, 1TB WD HD, GTX 540, and Core i7 6700. I will update/ install games and when it works I'll swap in the GTX 1060 and use as my main system. Happy days. Lights in case work, but of course can't be programmed. Who cares. They are on.