Area 51 dimensions with stability foot


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Apr 4, 2016
Hi people. I've ordered an Area 51 from the Dell outlet, so it will be here in a couple of weeks. While its coming, I've got to find somewhere to put it.

The size without the foot on the website is:
Height: 22.411” (569.25mm)
Depth: 25.156” (638.96mm)
Width: 10.736” (272.71mm)

I haven't found any dimensions for the foot or the case with the foot. How much wider and taller is it with the foot fitted? The space I can fit it into is
680mm height
390mm depth
330mm width
The back of the cabinet is open

So will the base without the foot be stable on a 390mm deep surface, or will the width and height with the foot fit inside 330mm wide and 680mm high?

Diagram of the foot, and the rubber pads on the base.