Area 51 Formatting question


New Member
May 7, 2013
Hey fellas, long time alienware owner in need of some assistance.

I am trying to do a simple format of my harddrive on my area 51 with XP. Here's my issue.

My internal DVD rom does not function anymore.. Which is obviously required for the IMAGE DVD to respawn. I have DISABLED IT IN BIOS and have gone out and purcahsed an EXTERNAL DVD ROM which seems to be working fine. When I go into the BIOS and set it up the EXTERNAL DVD ROM as Primary Boot, it reads the Alienware Boot CD and brings me all the way up to the IMAGE DVD portion, but when I go and look for the EXTERNAL DRIVE under the norton ghost client, it is not there. Obviously I cannot continue the Formatting process if the EXTERNAL DRIVE which is holding the IMAGE DVD is not there.

FUnny part is, even though i've disabled the INTERNAL DVD ROM, it still shows up on the norton ghost client. Guys, i've never had this much trouble reformatting a computer, and i'm about to throw this thing through a wall. Someone please help me out here!

I appreciate all the info.. Thanks!