Area 51-M 766 CPU Upgrade


New Member
Mar 22, 2017
Hi all,
So by the title of this post you can tell that I'm pondering the idea of upgrading the CPU of my 766SN0 notebook to something a little bit more powerful. Currently I have a socket 478 mPGA Pentium 4 running at 3.00GHz. This is the original processor that shipped with this notebook, and i was wondering what I could upgrade this to. I've never done anything like this to an OEM computer before - only to custom built desktops and that was once. I did however upgrade the RAM in this machine to 2 GB, but that shouldn't make any difference to the task at hand. The BIOS has been updated using the included program from the Utility CD, but that's probably extremely outdated (unless that was the only BIOS update they ever did for this model). Either way, any hopes for finding an updated BIOS are long gone since Alienware has taken down the legacy drivers page. In a nutshell, what would be some CPU's that I would be able to upgrade this to? I have a spare Intel Core 2 Duo sitting here in a little box which came out of another laptop (Dell XPS M1730 which died from faulty parts). It's an LF80537 X7900 SLAF 4 processor at 2.8 GHz. Thinking it over, I don't think that it'd work in my 766, but that's why I'm asking. If not (which it probably won't), what would be some other recommendations for a CPU upgrade? Let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks in advance!