Area 51 Mother Board Question

Got a couple questions and would like some advice. Just up graded my PSU to the 1.2Kw all went fine now thinking about the mother board. I have a I7 975x right now but would like to move up to a 1155 or 2011 which gives me three options. Go with an Aurora R3 for 1155 or R4 and more expensive extreme 2011. And third a third party like Asus or MSI, then run into all the custom wiring to make it all work. I see some people have had luck at getting it all together but I have yet to find any how to guides on this. Right now I'am running 3 X 27 monitors with Dual Mars 760's with a stock score of P16894 3dmark11. I think it should be better but my old Gulf cpu may be holding things back. Also working on cleaning the wire mess got some new cables on order. I love Alienware and a fan of the Area 51 case would like it to run the best it can and still retain some of it's heritage. Any advice, thoughts, suggestions would be of great help.:rolleyes:


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Ran into a problem with my mobo as it was only showing two of my 3 dims. Seems that put it into dual channel mode. Tried every thing to get it to work with no joy. So what to do? After much research on all the Alienware forums I have bit the bullet and ordered a I5 4670K for cpu with a Asus Maximus VI Hero and PNY 4 x 4 2133 memory. Should be here by Fri I hope. I decided to leave the Area 51 psu since it is new and will help with keeping the FX lights and vents running I hope. Also going to install a window into the side door tomorrow about 8 x 10 or so should be some fun. I hope this all works out as I really like my case and want to keep it.


Jan 20, 2014
San Diego Ca.
Can't say this forum has very many active people on it so one last update. Found all the answers on different forums. Ended up pulling my Area 51 MB and installed a Asus Maximus VI Hero. Got the MIO talking to my MB so the lights and vents are working. Had to rewire the front FP1 connector for power HD and PC lights. Installed extra USB headers as the Asus only comes with two and I needed 2 more including the Link for the Corsair H100i. Lastly did a fresh install with the Alienware windows disk installed fine and got Microsoft to except it. All said and done was a lot of research and work but am pleased with the new system. Runs so much better and looks greal..

Area 51
Asua Maximus VI Hero
I5 4670K
PNY 16g 10cas 2133
Corsair H100i
2 x Mars 760 Quad
1.2 Kw PSU
NZXT Sentry LX
Killer 2100
Dual OCz 240 SSD Raid 0
4 x 1TB Seagate
3 x 27in Monitors
Up date put in a second set of Corsair fans red ring for push pull on the H100i work nice dropped temps about 4 degrees not a lot but do help keep the temps in check gaming. Also installed a second window in the drive bay door. I know not really any thing to see but heck got six there might as well stare at them lol . Will post some updated pic"s as I turned the Rad around the hose's were going across the ram and made it hard to access them also receive a 2003 or 4 Predator Blue Monday will decide how I want to mod it. Have a Assus Hero and a 1100Kw psu plus ram for it. Will need a cpu and video card pretty much got every thing else more or less. Should be a fun project, God I love being retired who ever said you'll miss work wasn't retired
Not really very hard more research than anything. If you ever need any help just ask will do my best to answer. And welcome to the forum..nice to have another Area 51 lover here.:cool:

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This system is finished will now start on the Predator when it gets here. This is the command center for gaming. Now just need a ship to put it in..lol20140213_115826.jpg20140213_115849.jpg20140213_115749.jpg
Thats not the main problem several are known to work for sure. You can use Asus they seem to work pretty well since Asus built them for Alienware. Asus Hero MSI Z87-G45 or AMD Asus Crosshair V will work thats just a few. It's more the drivers and the power to the MIO board than anything. Any way glade I did it was worth it so much nicer system.
Looks like the Alienware Predator will be here tomorrow, thats what UPS shows. Will look it over and see what I can to to bring it up to date. Thinking about another H100i or maybe a Alienware rad. Ordered a Intel Core i5-4430 Haswell 3.0GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core from Newegg on sale. The Asus Maximus V Hero arrived. Got 2 x 4 Corsair Vengeance 1600. Haven't decided on a gpu yet was thinking a gtx 650ti 760 or 770 don't need to much since the cpu isn't high end. Any ideas on a gpu? I will post some pictures of the case after I get it.


Mar 19, 2012
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It really depends on what you'll use it for. You've already got a killer machine so if it's just for the fun of the build then a cheaper GPU like the 650ti may be the go. I would say the 760ti or 770 though would be the better option if you're actually going to use it a bit.


Feb 18, 2014
Joined this site just to look at this Area 51 mod. Wasn't disappointed...
Been wanting to upgrade the x58 for such a long time, was even thinking about getting a 900d and starting from scratch but i love this case. Very nice work. If you have the time spare please explain a little further into the ACC and the power / drivers part. Read on another site that if you get the driver wrong you cant reroll back and your lights are gone. Again v nice on the mod
Thanks for the flowers..If you using your own board you just have to make sure you install the same driver for CC that you had. That can be found on the Dell support site under your service tag. If you got a used one you would install the earliest driver you can find even the one from the old driver disk will work. The MIO board is powered from the Dell PSU by a 10 pin connector and only Dell has it on theirs no one else has it. So you can either mod a connector instructions can be found on the net or you can buy one on ebay for Corsair and a couple other PSU's. Last option is use a Alienware PSU thats what I did bought a 1.2Kw from Texas. Did some checking and Dells PSU's are made by the same company that makes Antec and for servers so they really are pretty rugged.


Feb 18, 2014
its 2am in uk now so i think i pass out soon. I got my ALX with the 1200 psu as im running SLI, so the drivers and and power shouldnt be the problem, but how did you get the new mobo and the ACC daughter board connected. I think this is the question that stumps most people in the forums ive read. On a side note who chopped your case apart for the window :)

Im not saying i dont like the fans at the back of your case but ...
"CORSAIR Air Series LED AF120 Quiet Edition RED" :)

Thanks again
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Very easy to hook up, the MIO board talks to the MOBO thru a USB Header. The cable is marked USB_3.0 you plug it into a USB Header on the new board. I had two USB headers on my Asus Hero which were not enough. So I installed a NZXT USB header extender that gave me 3 more headers and 2 more regular USB's to plug stuff into. It was like 19 bucks thru Amazon.


Feb 18, 2014
After you have provided me the information I have put my project on hold.
Started trying to find the perfect ASUS mobo to replace and got lost in a world of x79 vs z87 etc... Until i realised that June 2014 they will reveal the next gen mobos for haswell-e. Wanting to future proof my rig above all would be a shame to change it all now, then want something new in just 4 months. You haven't wasted your time I will stay reading your exploits on the new system and the other (if not few) 51 alx owners :p
Saw a nice rig with a Rampage IV black and dribbled a little. Thanks again

I take it you did not like the fan I linked :)