Area 51 power supply swap harness now on eBay; Corsair Seasonic Nzxt made/sold by me


Jan 9, 2013
Hi, I own a pair of A-51's & I've solved the psu swap problem; I can solve it for you too. I make master i/o harnesses in my spare time & have them listed on eBay starting at 34.99. I make harness kits for Corsair ax-1200 & 1200i, Seasonic x-1250 & Nzxt Hale90 1200w. I own my own cable sets as the material to make the harness out of so it matches your new cable set exactly & blends right in. I also use the real Foxconn A-51 m i/o harnesses & put the correct modular connector on the end. If you want to phase out your whimpy psu & do a real psu swap using one of my pre-built harnesses, find me on eBay: seller ID: Cass-Olay, or search: "Area 51 power supply cable". You can message me anytime through this site, eBay, or the Dell/Alienware forum regarding the purchase & install of my harness kits.


Jan 20, 2014
San Diego Ca.
The Corsair AX1200 came in today..pretty nice I think smaller than the old unit. First thing I needed to do was do a cut out for the power switch on the back plate. The old PSU had none. The Corsair is a little smaller which is good as the fan will draw in from the top and the metal sleeve gives a little breathing room. I have the black cables that came with it and have ordered a red set to mix for a red and black ROG theme. Here are some shots of the new PSU and the custom cables20140331_205727.jpg20140331_205641.jpg20140331_205318.jpgDSC02518.jpgDSC02519.jpg made by Cass-Ole, nice work by the way. Next will be the tear down to replace all the cables.

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I will start tearing down the case today for when the cables come in this week. Will take some pictures, there seems to be a lack of PSU and cable routing photos around. May help save a Area 51 who knows.

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Was not to bad just have to be careful of all the IMO wires getting caught and pulled, what a rats nest between the IMO board and the sata cables. Goint to clean that up some how. Ok first I unplugged the PSU and slid it out of the way. I then unplugged the 24 & 8 pin from the mobo and cpu. Next remove the drive cover with the batteries and unplug from the IMO board. Remove the PCIe fan two screws and unplug it from the IMO board also. On the hard drive side remove all the screws from the black plastic shroud lift up at the top hear a click across the top and it will pretty much fall out. Careful as there are two small wires hooked to it. Then I pulled all the PSU cables one at a time starting with the CPU cable. All pretty easy until the drive sata cable which was behind the PCIe fan. Very tight hard to break apart and be careful pulling out as it runs thru the rats nest in the IMO area. Also be careful snipping the wire ties not to nick any wires. After that just remove the main harness and that'20140401_134628.jpg20140401_134622.jpg20140401_141248.jpg20140401_142020.jpg20140401_142254.jpgs it not to hard.


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Jun 18, 2014

I am interested in the cables. Its been a while since I worked on my machine (or any computer for that matter). I plan on upgrading the motherboard to the sabertooth one. Also, I currently have two video cards 5970s and plan on putting in 2 780s. Would you direct me to your auction with all the cables I am going to need (I see that you have options in the description). I don't have a psu in mind. My old one is 1100w. I would like 1200+ and one that would fit the best in the case. If you could tell me all the cables I am going to need and how to purchase them at your auction, I would appreciate it.

I was looking at the 1200i but there are a few complaining about failure rate which has me leaning towards the seasonic x-1250 Which one would you recommend?

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