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I parted the board cpu, etc... out of my Area 51 R1 and have an MSI Big Bang X99 Motherboard and 5960x to install into the chassis. The problem is the stock power supply doesn't have an 8+4 pin for the CPU power. However, I noticed on my power supply that there are 1 or 2 connectors off of the Power supply connector that look like they are leads, I'd guess one is for a 3rd set of GPU cables, but I am not sure about the other connector.

I've also noticed that the connectors are marked with P10, P11 etc... I can't find a detail on what the number means, I am pretty sure on the older Pre Dell Alienware 7500 system I used to own, I was able to find this cable connector guide somewhere.

I also bought this case off of another user on here who had purchased an @Cass-Olé cable kit for what I believe is an EVGA power supply. So I suppose that is an option, but I'm not sure if the older PSUs have the same pinouts as newer stuff, I'd also not like to spend more on this side project PC than I need to right now.

Does anyone know of a cable guide for the Stock Power supply that could help me find or make an aftermarket cable extensions for the couple of extremely short connectors on it? I'll post a picture later of them.



Jan 9, 2013
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If I made an EVGA PSU swap cable for someone, it's for all G2 P2 T2 G3 models, so everything they make these days, or what would've been available the past 5years or so would work with it

Generally you can power with just the CPU 8pin, & not worry about the extra CPU 4pin, which is for extreme LN2 overclocking needs

66pin.jpgp3 cable.JPG
The original case harnesses have a short 8-wire 8pin attached - it only works with the 1100watt model PSU (it is 'dead' with a 1000/1200w) - & if someone ordered the 1100watt then a short 6-wire dual-6pin GPU cable was installed for helping run SLI/X-Fire configs. I suppose someone could tap into it w/a specialty cable (8Pin PCI-E to 4pin CPU), but it'd only work with an 1100w model

I have a case harness here if any cable/connector needs ID'd, but the only relevant markings on the connectors might be P10 for MIO,
& then the GPU cable connectors are marked/labeled, where those markings are referenced against (out-dated) GPU charts (based on 12v rails etc) as below
AMD Full Chart.JPGnVidia 1.JPGnVidia 2.JPG

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Typically, an aftermarket PSU will have two CPU 8pin ports / cables
If I made an MIO swap cable, it will plug into one of the CPU 8pin ports for power, thus, let's say u buy an EVGA 1000w, u would still need a specialty cable to get that extra CPU 4pin powered up if it bothers & u want it to have power. That'd mean tapping into an open GPU/PCI-E 8pin port. I could custom make u one, just message me through here. If u have the original 1100w I could make a 4pin to tap into that 3inch side 8pin seen in photo above from earlier
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