area 51 psu install in aurora r3


Feb 26, 2012
i have found out i needed more power. the 875 wasnt enough to push everything im running.
heres some pics on the install went fairly easy.
first this pic shows the difference in length over the 525 and 875 psu the aurora have.
second are the pins that had to be removed i used a pair of channel locks and a hammer. they are pressed in so instead of chiseling them out i just used the pliers to press them loose the bottom pin was a little tricky due to the ridge on the bottom of the case i did have to take a flat head and tap it with a hammer to bust it loose after that a few whacks with the hammer and it came right out.
this pic shows how much longer the psu is compaired to the 875 thats normally sits in this area. this is the reason two hdd bays have to be removed.
and finished product