Area 51 R1 AIO cooler thread


Mar 9, 2020
@Cass-Olé what is the screw thread of Asetek AIO cooler for A1R1? I could not find this info. Is the cooler directly mounted to the back of A51 case via factory drilled holes on motherboard mounting tray? afaik there is no separate backplate provided for the Dell stock motherboard in 51. Same motherboard was used in XPS730X that uses a back plate which is included with case and fastened to mounting tray.
I have another question. I think the cooler uses proprietary 5 pin pump power connector and standard 4 pin rad fan connector (good for cpu heatsink fan) If one uses 5 pin to 4 pin adapter can this cooler then be used on x58 non-Alien motherboard? Thank you for reading and appreciate your answer if you know.
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Jan 9, 2013
This is an original motherboard tray (a 'tempan', according to Dell). I photo'd mine, above. In the top left section, you get a plastic/ vinyl socket 1366 'bracket' that bolts to the tempan tray with 2 outer (but possibly 6 overall) screws; there are x4 retention ring screws of size (or metric thread) I'm not certain of. I assume mounting pressure is attained when screws 'bottom out'. The black plastic 'mount' is removable off of the tray & the tray has its own mounting holes pressed. Beyond that, I assume non-1366 motherboards can not use any of the tray's holes & that if a backplate is needed then the new mthrbrd can facilitate it irrespective of the tray (simply remove the plastic 1366 backplate seen above)

To use an alien cooler on a basic motherboard, simply plug the 5pin (Molex SL) connector onto a cpu_fan header or chassis_fan header; below, a 5pin is placed onto a 4pin PWM HEADER > PIN 4 is 'empty', pin 5 makes no contact, thus pins 1-3 make contact as Ground/12v/rpm as normal for all coolers
Which is to say, yes, the alien coolers can integrate with a non-alien mthrbrd > simply pug the 5pin onto a 3or 4 pin fan header, such that pin 4 pin 5 make no (or won't make) contact, while pins 1-3 will as is normal
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