Area 51 R1 CPU Cooler Fan Connector Question


Jan 9, 2013
Typically I reply to people's posts w/the consideration in mind that dozens, maybe hundreds of people will read the post long after I posted it (like 'try a google search'). I tend to address the community, not just the person I'm in a thread with, which is why I tend to over explain things; it may not help the person in the post but may help someone else later down the line. You may not need these due to your Xeon, but someone else might w/a Core i7

Before it was pulled off their site I 'grabbed' the only overclocking kb article they published & transferred it to NBR, see Bios shots found in Freq/VoltCntrl menu; also Mod Advice on Dellware forum. If u don't see Load Level 1 2 3 there, then there's no preset factory OC for the chip you're using

Tip: when links are broken that directed to the old Dell forum (like my NBR post has dead links now), if the post title is there it can be searched on google to help find the new link to the original