Area-51 R1 Fix Top Vents Not Closing w/ Windows 10


Jan 9, 2013
There's a shutdown glitch in Win10 that keeps the top vents up when u shutdown PC. I've been asked several times how to get the top vents to close, the below tips are what I do here so my vents close

Some motherboards may or may not have this Bios setting or a similar one, but before the W10 install, in my Bios under Settings/Advanced/Windows OS I have MSI Fast Boot & Fast Boot set to disabled, check your Bios for similar settings, even if u have to go through all the menus, see if your mthrbrd has a fast startup option u can disable in Bios

After the W10 install, make these four powerplan changes if your vents stay up, disable the following: Hibernate, Fast Startup, Allow Wake Timers, USB Selective Suspend

Those are the four power plan changes I do which ensure my vents close, there are two additional tips at bottom of post passed onto me by other users; as for the powerplan changes above, I'm not sure if it's one setting of the four, two, three or if all four settings are what do the trick

I did a fresh re-install of W10 Build 1903 (May 2019 Update) last month; after reaching the new desktop I immediately clicked shutdown to see what the vents do (they won't shut), I power back up & the 1st changes I make to the OS are to Disable hibernation > open command prompt > copy/paste this text > powercfg.exe /h off

W10 PwrPlan.jpg
Next, Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable > Click on 'Turn on fast startup' so that the checkmark disappears > Click 'Save Changes'

Next, make the following changes in your PowerPlan: find 'allow wake timers' & disallow, find 'USB selective suspend' & disable

Next, restart PC, see if vents now shut. If yes, good. Those four changes make my vents close

Sign In.jpg
If no, try this tip from user WarMachine (Builds 1709 & later): Start button, Settings, Accounts, Sign-in-options, Scroll down to Privacy and turn OFF 'Use my Sign-in info to Automatically finish setting up my device and reopen my apps after an update or restart' ... now shutdown PC, did vents close? If yes, good.

If no, a last resort might be this user tip: Press the SHIFT key & hold it down while clicking on Shut Down

If you have other tips please post them here


Apr 12, 2018
Hi Cass-Ole. Interesting find. I didn't know the "use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device" might be a possible fix. The case is in storage but maybe down the road I may give it another try.

My previous attempt was a z390e Asus Strix motherboard.
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