Area 51 R1 (non ALX) front door


Jan 9, 2013
I'm not sure, my experience hasn't been with any truly non-working door panels, the action should be ez down & ez up, clicks shut, can u make a short video?

If you take the panel off the case, protect it 1st, pop the lower front fascia panel off & pull it out, u can inspect the action as u open/shut top panel; however, sliding lower panel back in & popping it back in can be tedious & has to go back in correctly, a procedure I've never been able to put into words, other than 'it goes back in the same way it came out', & the delicate ribbon cable has to be finessed since it's the ribbon cable (on the left panel side) relative to the lower panel (top left 'arm' which can't be seen until disassembly) when reassembling which is most important

The top panel has unseen plastic teeth that mesh with an inner gear wheel so it can drop down, while a form of thick brass metal ribbon slowly rolls up inside when it goes down, that is how the action works (the brass ribbon acts like a spring I guess, & adds tension to the up/down motion of panel, I assume to stabilize & control the action etc)

Doubt I can help unless I see what the problem is, doesn't sound like dirt dust or a mini-obstruction

If it doesn't want to shut at the very top when it's at the level to click shut in place, that might be a hang up between the top panel (with alienhead) & the top plastic part (with the embossed icons on it where u hit power on button)


Mar 9, 2020
Thank you. Is front panel connected to MIO via only one cable? Is delicate white ribbon cable only useful for converting to ALX motorized door? It is mini obstruction and top click switch still works. I took panel off slightly, cleaned dust, no change. I think I see a wrinkle of white ribbon cable somewhere but hard to see or take photo. 1st mini obstruction is when door drops all the way down, the click switch got stuck by a hurdle at mid level on the way back up. Solution now is let door only drop to mid level. 2nd obstruction is during 75% way up, there is unseen soft resistance. if pushed over it door then reaches top.
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