Area 51-R2 -- Add Liquid GPU Cooling with CPU Cooling


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Oct 27, 2019
Below is my... sheesh, nearly 5 year old Area 51-R2 :oops: . The CPU cooler died, which isn't too bad considering how old it was, and after replacing it (Yay!!) and feeling somewhat confident, I thought why not remove the two GTX-970s and put in one new liquid cooled GPU? :cool: The problem is.. I've never done that o_O So, do you put the radiator block and fan in place of one of the fans already in the case? Such as the bottom right, or top right? Because there is no where else to do it? The liquid CPU cooler was fairly easy as you just place it where it was.. ;) but this box did not come with liquid cooling, so I'm a little nervous to try... :eek: Figured best to ask people who know before buying :) ... Incidentally, has anyone added a liquid cooled GPU that they can recommend? I use Nvidia



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