Area 51 r2 - buzzing noise while GPU under load


New Member
Apr 28, 2017
I received 2 alieanware 51 r2's from the Dell outlet this week and both have the same problem - a loud buzzing noise coming from the power supply when under load. I have swapped in different cards and the more powerful the card the louder the noise (i.e. a 1080 GTX TI is louder than the GTX 1070 they shipped with). I am also getting blue screens with error code WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. Both machines also will fail to boot when attempting to use the overclock 1 setting in the bios. Here is a quick video I posted with the problem - my concern is both machines have the exact same issue (the buzzing start at 11 seconds - I am using firestrike but the noise occurs while gaming as well):