Area 51 R2 CPU Cooling Upgrade


New Member
Apr 6, 2020
Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my stock 27mm liquid CPU cooling for something a bit bigger. I have an Intel Core i7 5930K which runs pretty much everything I need but runs a bit too hot (sometimes low 80s C) for my comfort. I ordered a Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 AIO which seems to be compatible with the R2 (it still hasn't gotten here). The problem is that it was a USB cable. Not sure what to do with the connection since the R2 doesn't have an extra USB plug. I think it's supposed to work even if you don't connect the USB cable. But if I did want to connect it how would I do that? If I don't connect it does the pump run at 100% all the time or something? Thanks in advance!