Area 51m - wait for new one?

Hi - I recently ordered an Area 51 laptop - core i7 - 9700 and RTX 2080. I received approx 15% discount through one of Dells offers. Having just heard about the updated Area 51 about to be released (10th Gen i7, RTX 2080 - Super) I am now unsure as to whether I should cancel my current order and order the updated laptop as soon as it is available - I expect I would need to pay at least 15% extra. What do people think/advise? The new version has a 4K screen option (at no doubt significant additional cost - only 60hz refresh though) - what do people think about 4K gaming - worth it or better to stay 1080 with a higher refresh rate screen?


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Everyone has their own opinion on this but personally I would go for a higher refresh rate over 4K.

The 2080 Super is only slightly better than the older 2080, I believe about 5-7%. I would try to contact them and ask for additional discount or an upgrade on the machine you ordered as it's still a great laptop. If they say no then I would cancel and go for the new model. That's just what I would do so it's up to you.