Area51 R5 i9-7900 CPU, runs slow 1.20GHz bios .10


Mar 23, 2012
I have an i9-7900. Runs at 3.30GHz. I plugged a drive in and it did something to the motherboard. The speed of the processor was now locked at 1.20GHz. Issues
Intel software did not work, O/C did not work.
Alien Command Center did not show an option to over clock. Just showed the CPU running at 1.2.
Reinstalled the software "Full Windows" etc twice. Did not work.
I spent 4 hours on the phone with Tech support.

What finally worked was pulling the motherboard battery and the power cord for 10 minutes. This allowed the board to reset and now runs at 3.30GHz and allows O/C level 1 and 2.
After this the system still seems a bit slow. There has been 2 new updates to the bios .12 and.16. This seems to have the system fully restored. Also can O/C at 4.8