Arma 2 and DayZ. Why You No play With Me?


Feb 4, 2012
I just wanted to tell you guys about the SWAT DayZ server.

Map: Taviana

Type: EPOCH, Survival PvE

Restrictions: NO! PvP. (unless it takes place on certain occasions with admin spawned tanks and such but those are special nights and only involve those who are willing) NO Stealing! NO acts of sabotage or destruction of other players stuff.

Requirements: Legal copy of ArmaII and Operation Arrowhead. The DayZ mod.

We will help you with configuring and updating the games as well as with any other questions and connecting to the server.

Everyone started the same and newcomers should start that way also. If asked for, the admins SpeedBump and AttackShmoo can and will provide help if they want to. Your best bet is SpeedBump as AttackShmoo (that is me) finds it takes away from the whole process of survival of the fittest and the feeling of accomplishment surviving brings. There is another admin but he is also the owner and we try not to disturb him and let him play.

Tommy may have mentioned the server as well because he plays on it.

There is a Ventrilo server you can join to talk to us just be respectful and everything should be great. I have been gaming with this gaming group for 14 years they are all top notch peeps.

It is not a publicly open server so if interested you can either contact me through PM or join the Ventrilo server. If I am on then I will help you if not then look for SpeedBump or BigBear and tell them WaLkAwaY sent you they will help you out.

Ventrilo Server Info:
Port: 3900