Arrea-51 ALX Case or Case Parts Needed

I recently got an Alienware Area-51 ALX in excellent operating condition. Unfortunately, parts of the case are damaged. I want to fully restore the case.

If you look at the photo, you can see the right door (left from the photo's perspective) is either bent, or something inside the case won't let the door seat fully. I believe this is causing some overheating because the air flow is wrong.

Is it the door, or is the door mount? I can't tell. I've taken both doors off and I still can't tell. Hopefully an experienced owner can give me a clue.

Also, the very first top vent is missing its pretty black cover. I want to replace that as well.

If there are any Area-51 ALX owners out there, I'd like to discuss repair/maintenance tips. For example, the top vents squeak every time they open or close. How does one fix the squeak (for example)?

I hope there are still a few ALX owners out there. Thanks for listening!