Asetek Liquid Cooling


New Member
Sep 24, 2012
Hey all,

I am looking to purchase an Alienware Aurora and have a couple of questions, more specifically to do with the liquid cooling Alienware use. After a bit of research I know Asetek make them, but want I want to know is:

1. Are Asetek systems reliable and well made? How many cases do you know where they've failed (by "failed", I mean sprung a leak inside the machine, possibly at the additional cost of other components).

2. Asetek say on their website "All our systems are helium inspected and guaranteed to last for 50000hrs of 24/7 usage - that's over 5 years!" Does this mean that, after a couple of years when Dell's warranty expires, if Asetek's cooler messed up my machine (and it was evident it was a leak as opposed to me poking a hole in it or something), would Asetek cover the damages provided it was within their "5 year guarantee"? Anybody had this happen to them?

Just need those questions answered before I shell out well over a grand for it.

Many thanks