Asus VivoTab RT Tablet

Hey guys so I bought this tablet hoping it'd be a little beast. I'll list the Pros first, then the Cons.

Build Quality, has a brushed aluminum back
10.1" 600nits ultra Bright screen
Tegra 3 Processor 1.3ghz 5-core
32GBs capacity
Micro-SD slot
Until December. 31 they have the docking station which increases battery life to 16 hours, chiclet keyboard and touch pad.
Lots of Windows Updates
Great speakers!
USB Port

The Windows interface looks good, I like the idea. But after you go, just under the skin to the administration level it is horrible.
(Examples: Only apps from the Windows Store can be installed on it
Windows RT takes up 16gbs of space on a 32gb capacity.
All media goes through XBox
Everything has to be connected to your Microsoft Account, no dedicated app.
Headphone jack is misaligned, I tried high quality 3 connection headphones with microphone, and lower quality 2 connection.
Touch screen isn't as sensitive as would have liked.
2000 apps in the Microsoft store. Compared to Andriod or Apple at.. millions?
Cameras are crap.
No connectivity to my desktop though USB, all data being transferred over is through USB port or SkyDrive.
Bricked when I did a factory reset. Totally dead.

If this thing hadn't brick on me and the software hadn't completely turned up my nose, I would probably have kept it and gotten used to it. I was willing to wait until Windows updated and fixed things and more apps came to the store.
I recommend this product if you're a Windows guy and want to use Windows 8 as it's truly meant to be used.