Aurora 7500...Parts or Full Tower For Sale...Or Motherboard WTB

Hi, brand new to the forums here. Sorry if this one's a little long-winded to start. :eek:
History with my Alienware...
I bought my custom Aurora 7500 in September of 2005. It has only been used for audio production and accounting (sad, I know - such is the life of a business-owner...needed a workhorse), never gaming.

Up until this past week, I've not once run into any problems with it, but the last time I went to turn it on, I got no response.

So, a trusted friend of mine walked me through how to test certain parts to narrow down what the problem might's what we found:
- Power Supply is fine (confirmed with paperclip method - everything lit up and fans turned on)
- removed response
- removed all PCI cards - no response

Based on a few other questions and his lifetime of pulling apart computers, he determined that the processors are likely fried and the board should be replaced...I'm good with knowledge about all computer parts, except when it comes to the stuff on the actual board.


I'm looking to:
A - Buy a motherboard that will keep this running for another 7 years (hahaha...I know it's unlikely)
B - Sell the entire tower to someone who can replace the board themselves
C - Sell off parts to hopefully recoup a fraction of the cost of a new PC

I do have all the original discs this tower was shipped with.
I will not sell the HD that came with this, as it contains financial information.

Brief overview of specs:
Aurora™ 7500
Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4400+ with HyperTransport and Dual Core Technology
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2 [*CURRENTLY SP3]
Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling 510 Express 650 Watt peak power
Chassis: Alienware® Full-Tower Case
Chassis Upgrades: Alienware® Acoustic Dampening with AlienIce™ 2.0 Video Cooling System
Motherboard: Alienware® nForce™4 SLI™ Chipset Motherboard PCI Express
Graphics Processor: NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7800 GT PCI-E 256MB DDR3
Memory: 1GB Low-Latency Dual Channel DDR PC-3200 at 400MHz - 2 x 512MB
System Drive: High Performance - Serial ATA - 160GB Serial ATA 7,200 RPM w/8MB Cache [*NOT FOR SALE]
Primary CD ROM/DVD ROM: 16x Dual Layer DVD±R/W Drive
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy® 4 Pro High Definition 7.1 Surround Sound with Dual Firewire (IEEE® 1394)
Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive - Black
Network Connection: Integrated High Performance Gigabit Ethernet
Portable Storage : Alienware® 10-in-1 Digital Media Reader / Writer
Productivity Software: Microsoft® Office 2003 Professional Edition

If you have ANY questions, please just let me know. My studio's on stand-by until I can figure something out.
Welcome. I think you might be better off selling it as a whole. Considering how old it is, I'm not sure you will get much selling the parts. On that point, I'm not sure that you will be able to sell all the parts individually.

Alternatively, you can just buy the same motherboard cheap and ask your knowledgeable friend to help you replace it.

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I would try to get some good deals on Craigslist/eBay/Newegg on bundle deals, if not just buy the parts separately and slowly and eventually you'll have a BEAST RIG! I just got a hold of this same case on Craigslist from some guy who had 2. I got one for only $60! I know, a steal, but everything worked fine. I have all my own internal parts, check the signature.