Aurora adventures

Well I recently added a fan controller and a couple of fans to mine. I added an 80mm fan to force feed my Graphics cards fresh air and a 120mm fan to the radiator. I had originally gone with a Cooler Master 120mm fan but I have since added a Skythe 120mm (134cf/m) fan in it's place. not only has it lowered my CPU temps but it has done very well as an extra Exhaust fan in pulling out the excess hot air. My CPU and GPU temps under load have been lowered by more than 10*c. I wasn't expecting such a decrease in temps but it is working very well. I have also removed the Media Card Reader with the LED and added 12gb of G.Skill 1600mhz Ram.



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Mar 23, 2012
BC, Canada
Nice job Diesel.

I added an extra Antec 120mm on my radiator, and it's not effective at high temps, but the cfm is like 80 or something at max rpm's. I can see why you went with the Skythe - the airflow is amazing.

Did you measure how much more this lowered your temps ?


Feb 26, 2012
What benefit does this provide over Command Center?
well it helps pull the hot air out of the case as we all know the cooling issues with the aurora case after a sli/crossfire setup. i have a total of 3 fans i can control with my controller one in the psu bay one directly in front of the gpus to force cool air in and hot air out and one on the radiator also since you cant control the system fan. in other words run the cc and these with each other. my gpus on deus ec and bf3 pump out as high as 110f temps. and thats exhaust. imagin the heat the rest of the case is feeling. our vards are not the ref cards theres vents all along the sides. but it helps greayly reduce cpu temps since you can control the amount of air being pushed through the radiator rather then pulling