Aurora Alienfx lighting

Anybody figured out how to retro the lighting on these systems.
Of course the MB has been replaced with a Haswell system C i7 4770, probably back in 2013, since I would have bought a new processor at the time.
And of course updated to Win 10. The lights worked for a long time - unable to change them, but they came on at least after the system booted. Now they come on briefly with the last settings - blue everywhere - and then go out.

Now all I'm left with is the alien head button on the front throbbing dull light yellow like some dead zombie.

I'd just like the lights to stay on when the system is running. The settings are clearly stored in NVram in the control board.

Anybody know the secret to keeping the lights on.

Anybody else hope that the designers of all these lighting systems go to some special dark place from which there is no escape? That's my fond hope. How many times did they change and orphan this lighting they bought from 3rd parties? How many folks have sad dark systems that could be so bright and cheery.
Anybody else figured out how to just rewire the whole case with RGB lighting strips? I have watched a Youtube video for how to do RGB lighting control with a Rasp Pi. Maybe I should just sit down and rip all the lights out and stick in strips and get a pi.

At this point I don't really care about fancy. I'd settle for just soft blue like it has been for years until recently. The old Area 51 lights still work even tho its running a Haswell processor now. But the Aurora is sad and dark. Even a new RTX 2060 does not seem to cheer up the Aurora.



Jan 9, 2013
Our 'How to Install CmndCntr' is for Asus / Giga / MSI / AsRock etc aftermarket boards, not for original mthrbrd

Is it your Aurora R1 whose lights won't come on? Does the Master I/O board have power & is the USB cable plugged into mthrbrd usb 2.0header? Amber LED light on MIO when power is on?

*Right click on AlienFX icon in TaskTray, set to Go Light ... If no joy, try below

Run AlienFxTester.exe

see posts:

Try 32-bit diagnostics on CD, boot into it & perform MIO tests

When in doubt, purchase new MIO board of same part# as yours on eBay

If issues on Windows 10, install Win7 on separate drive & re-test lights / system etc