Aurora Alienware R4 ALX shutting down unexpectedly


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Nov 24, 2018
My Aurora R4 ALX has been shutting down during use, mainly after some time of being on and doing different tasks.. The shut down usually happens during intensive graphic card use. It does not usually happen when I am browsing the internet or checking email. I ran an online test and it passed all the tests, including the graphic one. I thought it could be heating so I replaced the cooling system for a new one. Shut down happened again after replacing cooling unit at the time I was running a bench mark test of the graphics card. Because of this I suspect the graphics card could be faulty. But it could also be the PSU. And of course it could be motherboard. How could I check for sure what it is? I don't want to start replacing graphic card and or PSU and then find out it's one or the other or neither.
Update: I just now ran the PSA test and shut down. I was trying to run the online tests again with the online Assistant and it shut down. It did not even start the tests
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Apr 12, 2018
To me it sounds like the PSU because if it was the motherboard then there is a good chance the computer will not go past POST if anything. Out of curiosity, can you try turning on the computer without the RAM installed? and just see if it even turns on. If it stays on for a while then the RAM might be the problem but normally with RAM issues the screen goes blue and restarts.


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Mar 19, 2012
Probably a stupid question but are your graphics drivers up to date?