Aurora Heat/Ventilation Questions


New Member
Oct 10, 2014
Hi all,

I want to get a new Aurora R4, with ALX chassis, but have a couple of questions about ventilation.
I would need to place the computer in a cupboard under my desk - the cupboard is quite wide (the door is approx 60 cm, but the cupboard opens up internally to about 80cm wide), deep (approx 70 cm) and high (approx 60cm). There is no real ventilation to the back of the cupboard, but I plan to keep the cupboard door open when the machine is on. There's also a tiny cable-tidy in the top of the cupboard (for my desk) which is about 3cm x 2cm, so some air from the back of the PC could vent out of the top.

Is this storage going to be a problem? i.e. there's a bit of ventilation around the back and side of the PC, but most of it would be at the front

I really want the Aurora because it just looks like a beast.

Any feedback gratefully received!