Aurora R1 acting strange... motherboard? Power supply? something else?


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Aug 31, 2016
Hey folks! I have this doozy of a problem I can't figure out, was wondering if any of you have run across something like this before. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I have an Alienware Aurora R1, intel i7 920, 6GB ram (3x 2GB), 2 x 500gb drives running in RAID 0. Upgraded to windows 10, installed updated drivers for all hardware.

Originally had 2 x HD 5870 GPU's. computer was crashing randomly, usually a hard lock up where everything freezes, occasionally a bluescreen and reboot. Tried swapping the 6pin power cables on the cards, same result. Removing 1 of the cards results in no crashes. Ran long Furmark and Prime 95 tests, no crashes. Also ran Memtest 86 overnight, no errors. CPU temps are fine at idle and at load.

Replaced hd 5870 with new GTX 1060. Removed old ati drivers, swapped cards. on first boot, system boots to splash screen, starts to boot to win 10. screen goes black, system reboots to alienware splash screen, then it boots into windows without issue. Once in windows, download and install latest nvidia drivers.

Reboot computer, boots to windows on first try. Run Furmark gpu benchmark overnight (15 hours). No crashes. Shut down computer.

Turn on computer, Alienware splash screen shows up, starts to boot to windows, screen goes black, reboots to Alienware splash screen again, then boots to windows without issue.

Performed a few test restarts, system works fine most times, every now and then it will start to boot to windows, then restart itself back to the splash screen, then go to windows on the 2nd try without issue.

It might be worth saying that I also noticed the splash screen looked a little strange.. the alien has sort of a bloom of light around him that I'm not sure i noticed before, does this look right? (keep in mind, in windows, everything looks fine, even when playing games or running GPU benchmarks)

At this point i'm stumped. The hard lock ups and crashes seem to be gone, but now I have this random issue if I restart it. I'm not sure if its a bad PSU, or a bad motherboard, or something else entirely.

I'm running Alienware command center 2.8.11 if that matters. (I read this was the best version to use on the R1 with windows 10). Everything reports correctly in command center, so I don't believe its a problem with the MIO board.

Any ideas on what might be the problem? I've seen various posts on different Aurora models about bootups to a black screen. But this one is clearly a little different. I don't want to order a refurb motherboard that I can't return if its not the problem. Same issue with the PSU. (although I'd think the psu would have given out and caused a crash during the Furmark tests if it was the problem). The GTX 1060 I have could be sent back in the next 20 days or so and get a refund.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Jan 2, 2019
Hey, I just bought an rx 570 (I had a gtx 770 before) to my alienware R1, and in my case I have this screen in the bios menu. I did the same procedure as yours and happened the sames things that you. In my case I have A04 Bios version (I'm scared of updating and get bricked)

Just commenting this in case someone else has the same issue,