Aurora R1 Help with parts swap and upgrades

Sep 27, 2018
I have a Aurora R1 and while this girl has served me faithfully for almost a decade I am forced to take her out of service. So basically my i7 920 CPU doesnt support AVX which is needed to run my new WMR VR headset (did not find out untill after the purchase). In order to save as much money as possible I'm trying to salvage as much as I can from the Aurora and I needed some help on what I am able to use or not.

Basically I'm going with a ECS H61H2-M2 mATX mobo with an i5 3470 and I was looking at using a DYIPC MA08 mATX Mini Tower to house the new stuff since I'm pretty sure I remember reading the AW Aurora case doesnt line up with other boards mounting holes. Mobo only has 2 RAM slots so I will only be taking my GPU, HDD's, SSD and USB 3.0 Pci card. I wanted to know will I be able use the CPU water cooling and PSU on my new board? The PSU is the Dell 875w I believe. If the CPU water cooling can be used will it be able to fit into the case I'm looking at or will I need to find something else with some special feature in mind?

When it comes to the left over parts I would like to sell them and use some of that money towards the new PC. Is there a better place than Ebay to sell AW stuff? Should I part it out or will it be worth more sold in one unit sort of like a barbones PC? It's a i7 920, 12 GB (3 x 4gb) RAM, the Mobo of course and the case.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide, all of this was short notice and with not much funds available.


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Sep 15, 2017
I suggusted you can buy Aurora R3 motherboard with an i5 3470. Alienware Aurora R1-R4 use the same case, and you can just upgrade motherboard and CPU without any more, It's so convenient to do, meanwhile save more money & times.
Sep 27, 2018
I already bought the motherboard I mentioned so I'm going to have to stick with that. Are you able to answer the questions I asked? I have posted to a few different places and still no answers
Just out of curiosity if I were to say just swap out my R1 mobo for lets say an R3 is all the other stuff in my case still going to be able to fit? I noticed that in other versions of the mobo after R1 the CPU and RAM along with some heatsinks are in different places and they used a different CPU water cooler too. For example the R4 has RAM slots on both sides of CPU and it looks like there is not enough room for the RAM on that side since it would be behing the CPU COOLER radiator. Would all the secondary boards need to be changed? there seems to be a few all over the case. Would the I/O ports on the newer mobos fit in the R1 backplate?

Thanks for your help
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