Aurora R1 Ram Issues


Jan 9, 2013
I have an R4 4820k, my Area-51's had an x58 board similar to yours but larger (ATX), 960s & a 975 on OC Level3 w/out issue, I sold all of that a few years ago for newer parts. I saw your Ryzen post on the Dellware forum; changing new hardware in wasn't difficult. Aurora & Area-51 released in late-2009, so after nearly 10years, swap information has been asked & answered over multiple forums, including this one, if you look. CmndCntr

Aurora is m-ATX (9.6 x 9.6) ... Ryzen 3000 may release in June / July

google 'Aurora motherboard swap', check uTube, Dell forum, Arena & this forum for posts-info-pics (disregard R5 R6 R7 posts)

Luke, a member here, I consulted / helped out on his new Asus ROG swap, AlienFx works. He did the Aurora 8700k I linked u to
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