Aurora R10 - Replaced top fan - Now won't sleep automatically

Hi guys, I just got a new R10. As you know the default fans in this one are very loud, so I replaced the top fan with a Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm Premium Fan. It worked right away and the decrease in noise was impressive.

The only thing is that now the R10 is not able to go to sleep after it's been idle for the specified number of minutes, it just stays awake. It sleeps just fine if I do it manually.

I talked to Noctua and they asked me to try to unplug the top fan and see what happened then. Without a top fan connected the R10 did not make it past the BIOS check, it hanged when it got to the part where it checks the top fan.

Other than that, with the Noctua fan plugged in again, I checked the screen and computer sleep time in Alienware Command Center: they are not doing anything. Doesn't matter if I change them, they don't do anything. The R10 is following the settings in Windows 10 power settings.

On the other hand, the top fan temperature seems to be read correctly in Alienware Command Center.

I guess my questions here would be:

1. Do you know how I can fix the automatic sleep issue with the Noctua fan still on?
2. Is there a way for Alienware Command Center to override Windows and take control of the power/sleep settings?