Aurora R3 hanging and freezing.


Apr 16, 2014
What's up to all. I need some help and suggestions if anyone has any. A couple weeks ago I started getting a weird glitch while useing my work program. The Windows thinking/saving circle is constantly flashing while I am typing and then when I click out of an addendum the program is freezing. It happens the worst when I am using my work software but it does happen when using some other programs. I have uploaded a video of what is happening so please give me your thoughts.

See YouTube link below.

No hardware or software changes were made in the weeks before this started. I took out my second video card and ran each of them independently but it didn't help. Today I put a new power supply which didn't help. Installed a new mobo and it didn't help... Here is what I have tried so far..

I swapped out the motherboard after I started having issues and did a fresh install of Windows and formattedmy main drive. After that didn't work I reinstalled the original mobo. I updated the bios quite awhile ago to A06 and I'm almost positive that is the most current one available for that mobo. I have seen people post about A11 but it isn't available for board . I replaced the ram with corsair vengeance when I bought the computer in 9/2011 so maybe it's going bad but I ran the Windows memory check and one other which bothresults showed no issues. I also replaced my 16gb with 8gb from an x-51 and for some reason it ran much worse. I did forget I have the original ram sticks that came with the computer in the Corsair package so I will swap that in tomorrow. I replaced the main hard drive with a corsair force 3 240 ssd when I bought it. I also replaced the GPU with 2 amd Radeon hd 6780's and added a blu ray /DVD writer. But all that was done years ago. When the issues started I updated the firmware on my ssd and did a secure wipe followed by another fresh install of Windows. I also swapped the Sata cables to make sure I wasn't on a bad one.

Since all the hardware changes were done a few years back I don't think it's a compatibility issue unless a Windows update took place that caused it and I wasn't aware of the issue. I also have this lagging freezing problem in safe mode. Anyway I talked with a couple guys at the local tiger direct and they would charge $180 for diagnostics. Don't know any of the other small shops as I have never taken my computer to get fixed. Always been lucky enough to figure it out with some internet research. I will repost this on the main board to see if someone else has ever run into something similar.

*I am pretty much only left with replacing the GPU or my SSD. The solid state drive did test as a healthy drive on the Corsair toolbox and at tigerdirect.

Any help would greatly appreciated!