Aurora R3 Owners?


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Nov 14, 2019
Ok. I was hoping I could salvage my Aurora R3, but I think I'll need to scrap it.

What is most irritating is that my R3 works perfectly for my purposes...until I need to install the monthly Windows update. And then that becomes a multiday operation involving dozens (sometimes hundreds) of bluescreens/lockups/restarts until the update magically works.


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Apr 21, 2020
I have earlier Auroara, sitll using it. Upgraeded card and swaped out HD to a SS. Im looking at new rig now. I think motherboard and processor and other things to outdated to upgrade.

my MOBO seems to be dying and I'd hate to part ways with the beefy i7 my R4 came with but I may be doing the same. Can't afford a top of the line rig so I'm hoping I can fix the R4 and upgrade whats inside or sell the components individually... Can't ship that 45 lb case
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