aurora R3 upgrade video cards to GTX970


New Member
Feb 8, 2016
I'm new here and I could use some advice;
my system is an aurora R3 purchased in 2011 with i7 2600K CPU, 875W PSU, 16Gb RAM, windows 7;
and I wanted to upgrade my video cards from 2x GTX 460 to 2x GTX970 in SLI.
a couple of days ago I received the new cards and inserted them, the system
started OK, recognized the cards and I was able to instal the drivers.
however after running 3Dmark 11 twice the system freezed, and I had to force a shutdown using the power button; next thing I tried a single GTX 970 card but the same thing happened - the system runs perfectly in windows applications, but freezes in a few minutes in every game and sometimes in PCmark tests.
today as a last try before returning the cards I tried powering a single card using different rails for the 8PIN and 6PIN respectively, and surprise - I was able to play a game for about one hour.
SO - after all this long presentation my question is:
- do my PSU has other free rails beside the 2 that powered the GTX 460?
- do buying a new power source provide enough connectors and would I be able to install it in my aurora?

thanks, mihai