Aurora R4 ALX case with 8700k and RTX 2080ti


Apr 12, 2018
Hi everyone,

With the now empty Aurora R4 ALX case I went ahead and got myself some parts to build a modern gaming rig. I got the following parts:

-EVGA Z370 Micro
-USB Hub to give more USB2 connections since EVGA only offered 1 connection. I needed 3 for MIO, 1 AIO cooler, front USB.
-Intel 8700k
-Corsair H80i V2 AIO cooler
-16gb DDR4 3200 RAM
-4 250gb HD in RAID 0
-Originally had an ASUS ROG GTX 1070ti but upgraded to ASUS ROG RTX 2080ti
-Corsair SP120 fan
-Cage for SP120 fan and dust filter
-2 80mm Dell Fans from old Dell Optiplex 760s.
-CPU AIO Pump adapter by Cass-Olé so it can work with the MIO board

Parts Kept:
RAM fan was switch to go push air out.
Kept PSU

Parts Removed:
Alienware motherboard
Alienware AIO cooler
Alienware RAM
Alienware GTX 580

Here are some images of my build prior the RTX. Note the Graphics shroud did not fit with my 1070ti, I had to remove it unfortunately due to the card being too long and bulky. the RTX is even bulkier so there was no way I can get the shroud to work. Those who want to still use the shroud will need reference cards with blower style configurations.


I set the two Dell fans and ram cooler to blow the air out of the top vents. I used double sided adhesive tape meant to hold 10 pounds so these guys wont go anywhere. On the right hand side you can see the USB hub with its connections for the MIO, AIO usb pump, USB 2.0. The top right pin connector has the adapter that I got from Cass Ole and is going to the corsair pump. the other 3 fan headers have the top fans.

I removed the DVD drive and other place holders so I can put a Corsair 120SP fan and its housing. I put a dust filter to prevent the case from getting dust.


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Apr 12, 2018
Here is the frontal view of my case. All I had to do was slide the cage in there and it stayed with no problem of it moving anywhere.

I removed my old 1070ti and put the RTX on the table. As you can see this is a massive card!!!

The RTX is connected and ready for action!

Mod complete!

I love my case but want to find a way of fitting a 240mm or 360mm radiator. There is youtuber named
Zozo Nox who inspired me to modify my case and he was able to do an awesome mod.
Only thing is I don't have tools nor have done anything exotic like that before with metal. I guess there is a first for everything!


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Dec 18, 2018
I like how you've kept the internal layout as stock as you have. As you know, i changed the layout completely on mine in order to try and minimize cable clutter. But to be honest the way the dellienware people did it was probably the best way to do it considering the internal design of the chassis. :)
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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
It's good to see people still building these. I loved my old R4 ALX case. I modded mine with a clear window in the side panel (was a pain to do) and a custom water loop. Shouldn't have sold it.

Jeez, just took a look at my signature bar. Having kids ruined my budget for PC parts.....
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Jan 9, 2013
I've directed a few R1-R4 owners to this mthrbrd/cpu upgrade/swap post over the past 9months,; I'd like to note that to overcome the software 'block' when going about the installof CmndCntr 2.8.11 3.0 3.5 or 3.6 on Aurora (version 2.8.9 does not / should not need any help, while R4 likes the newer 3.5/3.6 versions), owners considering a mthrbrd swap should browse AVicD's post on How to Install Command Center for a non-Alienware Motherboard before they swap >
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Apr 12, 2018
Also you will need a USB hub like NZXT so you can plug in your MIO board that controls the AlienFX, Liquid Cooler, and any other USB 2.0 header items.

Another thing I need to point is the plastic PCI-E shroud only fits with reference cards. My Strix RTX 2080ti was too thick so I needed to remove the plastic piece.


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Jan 5, 2021
What are the chances to make the R4 Cooler work on a AM4 motherboard? None right? (except if i make my own mount that fits different holes?) I can't even find the mounting hole dimensions of AM4.

Planning on finally retiring my i7 3820 soon ish (which tbh still works great) Saving money by not changing the case. Not upgrading the water cooling for now would save a lot too, since it still works after all these years. It's gonna be like a 800 eur upgrade witouth all that. cuz ram, m.2 drive, motherboard & 300+- eur cpu) and potential internal usb hub if the motherboard itself doesnt have any (Which i assume is why @LukeG310 told Duh to get a internal usb hub.)
I noticed you can hold onto a decent CPU for a damn long time, the one I have right now still works perfectly fine on latest AAA games ultra being mostly GPU bound.

One more question: I haven't tested it too much but there is no way of screwing radiators or vents on the top grill right? Except double tape?


Apr 12, 2018
Hi @testkil . My EVGA motherboard didnt have enough USB2 ports. If I remember correctly the Alienware mobotherboard had 3 USB 2.0 ports so I was one short for connecting the front chassis USB 2.0. The NZXT hub fixed that problem for me.

I think its possible to screw a 92mm fan in there but its jam packed in there, you would most likely need to disassemble the case including plastic covers. Below is a link with someone who was able to fit a 240mm AIO radiator and fans.

Asetek made the generic Alienware CPU cooler so I think this will work for you.

To be honest the Alienware cooler was not all that and found the Corsair H80iv2 to perform better. The thicker radiator and fans in push/pull helped a lot!
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