Aurora R4 CPU Cooler Upgrade to Area-51 Asetek ThreadRipper XL (TFGHM)


Jan 9, 2013
I posted a mini-build-log over at the Dellware Forum, click here to redirect to that more in-depth post. Some duplicate photos are below

A pair of used Area-51 R3 ThreadRip TFGHM coolers were found on eBay for $85/shipped. I removed the socket TR4 retention ring, swapped on an Intel 2011 ring. The Alien-branded Asetek cooler has either a 48mm or 49mm wide radiator, & replaced my 49mm Asetek 570LC ... the tall memory sticks created a space limit so the install is w/ a solo Everflow 25mm PWM fan. Cooling is identical with the prior 570LC as I suspected. Gelid GC Extreme thermal paste is used over the 4930k

R4 gets a modern look ... thanx for browsing
Toothy TRIP (9).JPGPTDC0011.JPG
Toothy TRIP (25).JPG
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